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Keto Slim Quick | Natural Safe & Effective Weight Loss Supplement

What is Keto Slim Quick ?

Keto Slim Quick is a weight loss supplement which is 100% Natural safe & Effective intended to help boost your metabolism and help your body to digest what you eat in a more efficient way, which may contribute to reaching a healthy weight. What user experiences we’ve been able to find suggests that it is sold in a trial and autoshipment program, 

Keto Slim Quick Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

Keto Slim Quick

The exact working process of this product isn’t clear. However, the core concept is that the ketone products and other ingredients will encourage your body to burn more energy while at a “resting” level. In addition, other ingredients will also encourage your body to process what you eat in a different way, and will also help suppress. It comes in the form of capsules which you are expected to take on a regular basis in order to provide your body with these benefits.

Sadly we do not have a full list of ingredients for this product, making it hard to render a complete judgment on how well it might work. We do know the ingredients that the manufacturers advertise are as follows:

Green coffee extract: An extract from unroasted coffee beans, which is said to encourage your body to more efficiently metabolize fat while slowing the release of glucose.

Raspberry ketones: An extract from raspberries which is intended to promote the burning of fat instead of glucose for energy, hopefully encouraging weight loss.

What are the Advantages of Keto Slim Quick?

No known side effects.

Easy to use.

A trial is available so you can give it a whirl without much risk (though mind the trial period)

What are the Disadvantages of Keto Slim Quick ?

  • We don’t have a full list of the ingredients in this product

  • No scientific research is cited regarding how well these various products work

  • The price isn’t clear, and what indications we DID find are suggesting something very high

  • This product includes green coffee extract, which almost certainly is high in caffeine

  • Important Features of Keto Slim Quick

  • The main active ingredients in this product are naturally sourced.

  • Keto Slim Quick is meant to support your body’s metabolism to encourage weight loss, and isn’t intended to replace good habits or exercise

  • It should be taken daily.


Is This Product Allergen-Free?

There is no assurance that the product is allergen-free since we don’t have a full list of ingredients for the product, and the manufacturers don’t make this claim either. However, the active ingredients they describe doesn’t include many common allergens, such as wheat or milk proteins.


We couldn’t find specific information on how much of this product you should take each day. However, similar products suggests that you will want to take two capsules per day, and the packaging will likely have stronger information.

Keto Slim Quick Review – Final Verdict

Keto Slim Quick is a weight loss product that makes some rather bold claims but does not back them up with much of anything beyond a high price tag. We see a great many products sold with a “trial and autoship” sales method and these products tend to be long on hard-sell tactics and short on scientific backing. While there may be some value to green coffee and raspberry ketones, you may want to get your “daily dose” from a source of weight loss supplements that you can put greater faith in.